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On the occasion of the launch of the site and applications, a 100% discount for a whole year on All packages for real estate offices and real estate marketers when subscribing during this period Offer valid until March 31




Add Property

This service is for presenting a property, whether the user is the owner of the property or a Broker

Request Property

This service is for requesting a property with specific specifications, whether the user is requesting property or presenting

Design and decoration

To offer design and decoration services with the highest quality and lowest prices.

The site services are free, except for real estate offices and real estate marketers, and distinguish advertisements for individuals, and the fees are nominal for these services.

The site provides the customer with space to write blogs on the site regarding real estate.
All site services are available in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Articles & Tips

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How do you invest your money in real estate?

Feb 07 , 2021

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